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Nightingale wrote [In reply to a MSiA DOM Review]:
> Do you find one of its right hand (with finger points
> outward for holding the bazooka) very loose? it simply
> cannot hold the bazooka. The best I can do is to let
> it hold the bazooka in both hands, or have it
> sandwiched between the right arm and torso :( or
> better, i change the weapon to Zaku's machine gun,
> pointing downwards.

Yeah actually that is another thing I do not like with the DOM toy. I
don't find the hand "loose" as in it pops of of the arm easily. What I
do find is that it is virtually impossible to pose the bazooka with it
mounted on it's shoulders. So what I do is pose it dlung under the arm
between the arm and the hip like you said. And that works fine for me,
But I did wish it was more posseable


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