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Speaking of Halloween Customs, I did notice one thing, as a rule of thumb,
the bad guys's uniform is always more elaborate and better than the good
guys's uniform. Example:

MS Gundam, 0080, 0083:
Earth Federation with its drab uniform that seemed to project the auro of "I
am glad to have clothe on my back, anything aesthetic value is secondary.
This is also the uniform that has remain constant throughout the entire UC
timeline. They just never bother to update it.
Zeon Duchy with its aristocratic inspired uniform for the officers that says
"Yes, We did spend some money on the uniform".

Zeta Gundam:
AEUG: Uniform? What uniform. You wear what you brought when you join. So
we got civilian clothing, Federation uniform, etc.
Titan: Yep, a good old Nazi make over on the drab Federation uniform. Hey
we spend some money on the uniform.

ZZ Gundam:
AEUG: see Zeta Gundam AEUG.
Neo Zeon: see MSG Zeon.

Char's Counterattack:
Federation/Londo Bell: See MSG Federation.
Neo Zeon: See MSG Zeon.

Federation/Frontier Side civilian: See MSG Federation, also civilian
Crossbone Vanguard: Since they claimed to be aristocratically superior,
their uniform reflect this.

I haven't seen Victory Gundam, but I don't suppose Federation uniform has
change a bit. No idea what League Militare and Zansacar Empire's uniform
look like.

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