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>>Acrylic paint is good because if you mess up, you can wash it off with
>>water before it dries up. That's why I use Tamiya, but if you don't want to
>>bother with mixing for the right colors, Gunze Sangyo is the best brand to
>>with for Gundam models.
>what type of paint is gunze sangyo's?
>can it be used with airbrush?
Gunze Sangyo is an oil based Laquer and I high reccomend it with an Airbrush.
Of course there is always a down side. I mixed and used Mr.color once or twice
but thinner is kinda expensive. I reccomend you detail with acryllics and

Oh yeah that faded thing with the airbrush, on gundam models.. I figured it
out on my own! :)

- Roger


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