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Thu, 28 Oct 1999 00:30:45 -0700 (PDT)

--- Richie Ramos <> wrote:
> >caballero???
> >whatcha talking about, richie?
> >i'm not aware of filipino knights! (unless i was
> >asleep in history class far more often than i was
> >aware of)
> >besides which...the french gundam rose is quite
> >possibly the worst depiction of a knight ever.
> ugh.
> >looked more like a dandy fop of a musketeer.
> >go for the spear & shield combo. backup weapon
> would
> >be a beam machete. :P
> >-garrick
> Shame on you garrick...Cavaliers! the horse-mounted
> Civil Guard
> detachments who also happened to have rapiers...They
> were used way back
> when in the time of the walled city of Intramuros...

whoopah! doh! ah! the civil guard! that's a much
clearer picture. i was thinking of filipino french
knights...(hey, don't look at me, i took up medieval
history in college and slept through my filipino
history in 4th year...:P) all i know is that they
never had lances, and our horses were no bigger than
ponies of other countries. even don quixote could do

vielch, about the soldier on a horse -- yeah, you're
correct. that's essentially what a cavalier is. AND
what a knight is, too. they're the same thing. just
a warrior on a horse. it wasn't till very much later
that the whole notion of chivalry was carved up and
drummed in their armor-laden noggins and knightly
orders were formed. heck, not even charlemagne and
his 12 buddies were as romantic as the knights
portrayed in arthurian legends. (astute historians on
this list will note what a gross oversimplification of
medieval knighthood i just coughed up...:P)

anyway...whatcha gonna do with 2 neo-philippine
gundams? i still kinda like the chieftain gundam idea
the best. it's more native filipino than anything
else. make him look nasty ok? nothing foppish as the
gundam rose, and nothing as bad as the matador gundam.
i was thinking, maybe a derivative of the zeus gundam,
which looks so freaking like a chieftain to begin



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