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>> I haven't heard about MSiA's metal plate version,
>> but i've seen metal SD version of GP01/Fb, GP02,
>> GP03. They sold separately or as a set.
> I was just kidding on this one. You know how Bandai
> reap us off with different variation of same thing.
> For example, never ending variations of Zaku II and
> coated versions and crystal ones.....

I know what you mean, particularly the way they
threaten to release those 'limited editions' as
regular releases some months/years later. I am betting
the 'very limited edition' of chrome MG Char's Gundam
and chrome MG Gato's Gelgoog will eventually get a
regular street release (they were only availble at the
Gundam convention in Japan not long ago). I may be
wrong, 'cos the 1:144 silver version of 08's RX-79(G)
"Ground Gundam" remains a limited edition, never to be
released again...

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