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> I have the Bandai Mobile Suit in Action!! MS-09 DOM
> and It's a pretty neat bit of toy :)
> The toy itself is very well "colored" and even has
> panel lines and finger joints inked in. The toy is
> pretty heavy and the strange thing is that none of
> the weight seems to come from the extremities, and
> since there are no internal mechanisms, this leads
me > to believe that the bidy itself is solid in
> Interesting.

All the body parts are solid. The same goes for Zaku
II, Gundam and all other MSiA toys...

> The bottoms of the feet are very nicely detailed
> the ground effect hover machinery and there are a
> total of 11 other thrust nozels on the model, 3
> under each leg skirt armor, 3 under the waist skirt
> armor, and 2 on the backpack unit.

Being an inexpensive toy, this is what I like the most
about MSiA: details. If you see the inside of Zaku
II's right shoulder shield, you'll be amazed, too :)

> the joints so far are moderately tight, I'm not sure

> how they would fare in the long run however. As for
> the accessories. It comes with 5 different hands, 2
> heat sabers and a bazooka. The bazooka is somewhat
> diapointing in that it is the only piece in the set
> not inked and detailed.

Do you find one of its right hand (with finger points
outward for holding the bazooka) very loose? it simply
cannot hold the bazooka. The best I can do is to let
it hold the bazooka in both hands, or have it
sandwiched between the right arm and torso :( or
better, i change the weapon to Zaku's machine gun,
pointing downwards.

> I personally really like this toy, I don't have any
> models of the DOM so I don't have anything to
> the detail to. My only concern was that they should
> have made it to 1/144 scale. it's a bit smaller than

> that if you didn't know.

All the MSiA toys are smaller than 1:144, but quite
close. IMO, I found Dom as MSiA pretty disappointing
compare to other MSiA releases, probably because of
its body design posed so many limits to the toys. and
yes, i like them to be released in 1:144 scale, but
it'll be relatively more expensive.

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