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>> Hmmm...I use spraypaint a lot, but I am very careful
>> of background temp and
>> humidity when I do use it...specially during the
>> rainy season...Pylox is
>> the brand. very nice and cheap. spray about 6-10
>> inches from the kit.
>> make sure not to let it splatter.
>huh? what do temperature and humidity have to do with
>spraypaint? are the effects (what happens, anyway?)
>that bad? i never used much spraypaint, i wouldn't

cool dry weather is best..something best achieved around December to
february in our country. I can't properly describe it, but the way the
paint spreads on the surface of the gundam pretty much is affected by temp
and humidity...

> much can philippine temperature and
>humidity fluctuate? it's always humid here, rain or
>shine (except maybe during november/december).

Quite a lot actually depending on what your local surroundings my
case, I have to constantly battle against humidity and sudden temp spikes...

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