J Hsu (jakusu@hotmail.com)
Thu, 28 Oct 1999 01:45:37 GMT

Got it, just haven't put it together yet. I do think you made the right
choice in getting the Rick Dom over the regular Dom. I stood there in the
store and compared the two side by side for a while, and there are no
differences in the appearance besides the bottoms of the feet and the
thrusters in the skirt. The thing that swayed me is the badass beam bazooka
that the Rick Dom has, which more than makes up for its lack of other
weapons compared to the Dom. How many weapons can it hold at one time
anyway? For display purposes, I think the beam bazooka fits the Dom design
better than any other weapon.

>I just got a shipping confirmation notice from HLJ.
>Finally, I'm getting MG Rick Dom!!
>I just want to know if anyone got it already. If you did, let's have some
>pictures and reviews.
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