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Danny Kim wrote:
> No one talks about MS in Action anymore.
> I must be the only one who liked them.
> Did anyone got Gun Cannon, yet? and Zugock, Rick Dom's will be out soon?
> I haven't got my Gouf, Dom & Gun Cannon, yet. But, it's on it's way.
> Let's have some reviews.
> Danny
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I have the Bandai Mobile Suit in Action!! MS-09 DOM and It's a pretty
neat bit of toy :)
The toy itself is very well "colored" and even has panel lines and
finger joints inked in. The toy is pretty heavy and the strange thing is
that none of the weight seems to come from the extremities, and since
there are no internal mechanisms, this leads me to believe that the bidy
itself is solid in design. Interesting. The bottoms of the feet are very
nicely detailed with the ground effect hover machinery and there are a
total of 11 other thrust nozels on the model, 3 under each leg skirt
armor, 3 under the waist skirt armor, and 2 on the backpack unit. the
joints so far are moderately tight, I'm not sure how they would fare in
the long run however. As for the accessories. It comes with 5 different
hands, 2 heat sabers and a bazooka. The bazooka is somewhat diapointing
in that it is the only piece in the set not inked and detailed.

I personally really like this toy, I don't have any models of the DOM so
I don't have anything to compare the detail to. My only concern was that
they should have made it to 1/144 scale. it's a bit smaller than that if
you didn't know.


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