Danny Kim (danny@lookfx.com)
Wed, 27 Oct 1999 14:06:05 -0700

> I saw the Guncannon MSiA on sale two days ago. And boy
> what a marketing scam this one! Unlike all the
> previous MSiA release, the Guncannon will be available
> in THREE different versions:
> 1) regular Guncannon MSiA w/o markings (i.e. as shown
> in the original "Gundam 0079" TV series);
> 2) same as above, but with '108' marking (i.e. the
> unit piloted by Kai Shinden as shown in "Gundam 0079"
> movie trilogy); or,
> 3) same as (1), but with '109' marking (i.e. the unit
> piloted by Hiyato Kobayashi as shown in "Gundam 0079"
> movie trilogy).
> so take your pick, or get them all if you have money
> to spare :)

$%#%%#! But, I'll probably end up getting all three. I was wondering what
they meant by x3 next to Gun Cannon. I wonder if they're planning on
metal plate version on MS in Action? :)

> Have you got the Turn-A MSiA yet? like its design or
> not, it may be of your interest because it comes with
> a Gundam Hammer to fit your RX-78-2 "Gundam" MSiA
> nicely, and Turn-A MSiA is loaded with goodies:
> detachable chest plate (to be replaced with opened
> missile silo chest plate), beam rifle with extendale
> stock and handle, african shield, 2 full beam sabres,
> 2 detachable beam sabre holder w/ beam sabre hilts,
> Gundam Hammer, and a detachable back weapon mount (for
> shield & beam rifle. the MSiA is nicely finished. Get
> it when u see it.

I thought about getting it. But, I really hate Turn A design and I didn't
want to by
everything because it's Gundam. I haven't bought a single Turn A kit,
I'm heavy UC fan. I don't want to see Gundam getting destroyed like that.


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