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Wed, 27 Oct 1999 20:59:13 GMT

Richie wrote:
>the usual. Bitchiness and microdetails, LOL!
>btw...You want me to still send some model kit reviews?

Yeah absolutely. I know many GMLers found your reviews very
useful. So write them for the GML, I just claim first right to put your
reviews on our site. Of course, until you start your own Gundam

Chris Beilby wrote:
> Hey, Core! Where ya been hiding yourself?

Was working my butt off preparing a paper, last week I was in
Toronto, Lake Tahoe (Neveda), Yosemite, San Francisco,
Toronto, Orillia (Ontario), and Toronto. Now I am back to some
level of sanity. Building my first MG kit, a chrome RX-78 (don't
ask why, I will explain when I write the review).

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