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Wed, 27 Oct 1999 13:06:03 -0700

> >No one talks about MS in Action anymore.
> >I must be the only one who liked them.
> More power to you, personally I found them very disappointing. The first
> wave (Gundam, Zaku II and Char's Zaku II) had HORRIBLE detailing, and the
> Gundam in particular was weak in the shoulder joints - the arm can fall
> off its joint socket if you are not careful. It is also not easy to pose
> compared to other recent incarnations of the RX-78-2.

I have to agree with you on Gundam. It was bad to play with for kids, but good
enough for
display. Arms fall off on mine all the time. So, I glue them.

> >Did anyone got Gun Cannon, yet? and Zugock, Rick Dom's will be out soon?
> The HGUC GunCannon kit is sweet, I can't wait to get the HGUC Zugock. Not
> too excited about the MG RickDom though. It's basically the MG Dom with
> different verniers and a beam bazooka, minus the cooler weapons that came
> with the MG Dom.

Eddie, I'm talking about MS in Action Gun Cannon, Zugock and Rick Dom.
Looks like Bandai's going to make a lot of these. Well, it should be very
cheap to make.
I bet they will go to 0083 next than Wing series.
Detail on new ones look alot betther than first three on it's series.


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