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> No one talks about MS in Action anymore.
> I must be the only one who liked them.

You are not alone, Danny. I happen to be another MSiA
fan :-)

> Did anyone got Gun Cannon, yet? and Zugock, Rick
> Dom's will be out soon?

I saw the Guncannon MSiA on sale two days ago. And boy
what a marketing scam this one! Unlike all the
previous MSiA release, the Guncannon will be available
in THREE different versions:

1) regular Guncannon MSiA w/o markings (i.e. as shown
in the original "Gundam 0079" TV series);

2) same as above, but with '108' marking (i.e. the
unit piloted by Kai Shinden as shown in "Gundam 0079"
movie trilogy); or,

3) same as (1), but with '109' marking (i.e. the unit
piloted by Hiyato Kobayashi as shown in "Gundam 0079"
movie trilogy).

so take your pick, or get them all if you have money
to spare :)

All Guncannon MSiA version comes with: a pair of
shoulder cannons, a pair of shoulder missile pods (to
replace the cannons like the one in the 1:144 HGUC
kit) , a beam rifle, and a set of hands (fist or open
hand for beam rifle). Good quality. I like mine
already :)

> I haven't got my Gouf, Dom & Gun Cannon, yet. But,
> it's on it's way.
> Let's have some reviews.

Have you got the Turn-A MSiA yet? like its design or
not, it may be of your interest because it comes with
a Gundam Hammer to fit your RX-78-2 "Gundam" MSiA
nicely, and Turn-A MSiA is loaded with goodies:
detachable chest plate (to be replaced with opened
missile silo chest plate), beam rifle with extendale
stock and handle, african shield, 2 full beam sabres,
2 detachable beam sabre holder w/ beam sabre hilts,
Gundam Hammer, and a detachable back weapon mount (for
shield & beam rifle. the MSiA is nicely finished. Get
it when u see it.

"你會看到時代的眼淚" ("You shall withness the tears of an era.")
Shuichi Ikeda (Char Aznable's voice actor),
Mobile Suit Z Gundam
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