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> Yes, but since the barrier forms a thin shell around the
> host machine,
> you can fly through the barrier and _then_ attack it with
> beam weapons.
> This is exactly what Amuro does against the Big Zam - he closes in to
> point-blank range, safely inside the barier, and then cuts
> loose with his
> beam rifle and/or saber (depending on whether you're watching
> the movie
> or TV versions).

Ok. I have always think of the I-Field Barriers as a continous layers of
shell starting with the physical armor of the MA. Ok, so there is a gap.

Someone else also ask about the ability to fire beam weapon from behind
I-Field Barrier... I supposed since they can bend the I-Field to any shape
they feel like, cutting holes for the gun port won't be that much of a

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