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Rodrick Su asks,

>But on more than one occation, I have seen a MS charge up to a IFBS equipped
>MA and cut it with a beam saber. I supposed that is a dramatic way of
>punching up the action, but the reason a beam saber can block another beam
>saber is the mutual repulsion of the I-Field shell of the sabers.

  That's exactly right. I hereby award you the bachelor's degree in
Minovsky physics. :-)

>I-Field generated by a IFBS is hundreds, if not thousands of times denser
>than the I-Field of a beam saber. Shouldn't a beam saber be similiarly

  Yes, but since the barrier forms a thin shell around the host machine,
you can fly through the barrier and _then_ attack it with beam weapons.
This is exactly what Amuro does against the Big Zam - he closes in to
point-blank range, safely inside the barier, and then cuts loose with his
beam rifle and/or saber (depending on whether you're watching the movie
or TV versions).

-- Mark

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