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> It's important here to differentiate between common or
> garden-variety
> I-fields, which are found in nearly every gadget in the
> Gundam world, and
> the intensely concentrated I-fields that produce a
> beam-deflecting barrier.
> An I-field is just a swarm of Minovsky particles, which
> naturally align
> themselves into a regular grid structure. This particle
> lattice is used
> inside mobile suit reactors to contain the reactants; inside beam
> weapons, to produce mega particles; and inside the field
> motors used in
> the joints of Federation mobile suits. The blades of beam
> sabers, and by
> extension the surfaces of beam shields, are also I-fields - stuffed,
> however, with superheated plasma.
> I-field barriers, as used by the Big Zam, Neue Ziel,
> Dendrobium, Quin
> Mantha, et al, are basically super-concentrated I-fields that
> are formed
> outside the host machine's body. It's the sheer quantity of particles
> required, and the intensity of the magnetic fields that hold them in
> place, that make these devices so power-hungry and hot.

I do have a question about I-Field Barrier System against other beam weapon.
As we can see, it is very effective against the beam cannons and beam rifle.
But on more than one occation, I have seen a MS charge up to a IFBS equipped
MA and cut it with a beam saber. I supposed that is a dramatic way of
punching up the action, but the reason a beam saber can block another beam
saber is the mutual repulsion of the I-Field shell of the sabers. The
I-Field generated by a IFBS is hundreds, if not thousands of times denser
than the I-Field of a beam saber. Shouldn't a beam saber be similiarly

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