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>idunno about "best prices" and the like (because shipping is a bit
>expensive) but Hobbylink Japan is a great place to start looking, plus
>they've got a HUGE selection of gundam kits and other stuff, too -
>I'd recommend getting a few 1/144 kits at first because they're not very
>expensive, and you should then be able to get a good feel for assembling
>models. It's really not that hard so long as you can read a picture diagram
>with clearly marked numbers and everything. Might want to get an Alex or
>Kaempfer from 0080 to start off with, or maybe some kits from 08th MS team.
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>Subject: [gundam] Gundam Models Question to everyone
> > I am hoping to get into to Gundam Models soon. I am very into anime and
> > manga. And love the Gundam genre to death, but I've never been much of
> > modeler. Heck, I've never even put together a model plane.
> > So I call upon you Ladies and Gentlemen to point me in the right
> > direction. Where do you and where should I purchse (or order from)
> > models?
> > And what model should I get first?
> > Thanks,
> > Gundam01
> > P.S. I was thinking of getting the Gundam Nataku from the Endless
> > The only reason is, I saw what the Nataku looked like in and issue of
> > Animerica. And I had intended to order it from Rising Sun Creations.
> > its best to look around and not buy the first cool thing you see. Where
> > the best prices by the way?
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Thanks Matt (or Little Zen.) I really appreciate it.

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