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Lim Jyue asks,

> It does raise another problem: I-fields are notorious for heat and
> power consumption. So how does that little shield generator pack enough
> coolant and power to general the I-fields?

  It's important here to differentiate between common or garden-variety
I-fields, which are found in nearly every gadget in the Gundam world, and
the intensely concentrated I-fields that produce a beam-deflecting barrier.

  An I-field is just a swarm of Minovsky particles, which naturally align
themselves into a regular grid structure. This particle lattice is used
inside mobile suit reactors to contain the reactants; inside beam
weapons, to produce mega particles; and inside the field motors used in
the joints of Federation mobile suits. The blades of beam sabers, and by
extension the surfaces of beam shields, are also I-fields - stuffed,
however, with superheated plasma.

  I-field barriers, as used by the Big Zam, Neue Ziel, Dendrobium, Quin
Mantha, et al, are basically super-concentrated I-fields that are formed
outside the host machine's body. It's the sheer quantity of particles
required, and the intensity of the magnetic fields that hold them in
place, that make these devices so power-hungry and hot.

-- Mark

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