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Paul Fields asks,

> Hello folks I'm doing a cutaway of one of the
> retconned RX-78 gundams. I am doing a cutaway
> drawing, I am trying to clean up the one done
> for the original series Gundam but make it go
> with the Perfect Grade RX-78 models out there
> having hatches that open and the like.

  Hm. I note that the Perfect Grade kit has almost completely different
internals from the Master Grade version - it's one of those cute
inconsistencies. In some respects the PG version is sensible - it
sandwiches the main reactor between the core block and the backpack,
which seems quite plausible. But I do question the use of hydraulics for
all the joints, which doesn't match the way field motors are supposed to
work. This seems to be a feature that was added just to make the kit look
cooler. ;-)

> I do not have any of the Perfect Grade kits,
> and would appreciate anyone out there who does
> sending me any pics you have of the insides,
> hatches, details, whatever...

  That would be tough, since all the innards are cast in black plastic
and won't photograph very well. But I'm intrigued by the notion, and look
forward to seeing what you come up with.

> The other problem is component interchange.
> The Guntank and Guncannon are supposed to
> share common components with the Gundam, but
> none of them look even vaguely alike without
> their armor on...

  I think you can just use the same core block and leave it at that. :-)

> Question should the Cutaway of the GM look
> a lot like the Gundam with a GM head, or is
> it that much different.

  The Master Grade GM kit does a good job of adapting the Gundam's
internals, replacing the core fighter with a non-transforming engine
block and presenting a new head design...

-- Mark

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