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whatcha talking about, richie?

i'm not aware of filipino knights! (unless i was
asleep in history class far more often than i was
aware of)

besides which...the french gundam rose is quite
possibly the worst depiction of a knight ever. ugh.
looked more like a dandy fop of a musketeer.

go for the spear & shield combo. backup weapon would
be a beam machete. :P


--- Richie Ramos <> wrote:
> >yeah i like ur idea on a Philipino Gundam (I am
> Philipino of course). What
> >will u name it? Will it have filipine fighting
> styles such as eskrima? I
> want
> >to see urs.
> Actually, to do justice to our nation, we need
> three: a Native, a
> Katipunero, and a Caballero (Guardia Civil). I
> include the spanish because
> we have to acknowledge 450 years of Spanish rule,
> like it or not.
> I was thinking the Ethnic/Native gundam would have
> the classic bolo/kalasag
> combination, perhaps with spear and other such...the
> Katipunero would have
> more the bolo/gun, while the Caballero would have
> the classic Rapier and
> rifle/bayonet combination...
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