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>please forgive my ignorance...
>i think this one should be the last question for a while...
>so, thanks to your informative inputs...
>i've come to these equipment as my finalists...
>aztek a4709 airbrush set and ac300 compressor...

Where are the other contenders? Wasn't Legends putting a Gunze
airbrush set on sale?

>i like the a4709 airbrush set because it comes with four different
>and is pretty...
>and, it also comes with both compressor and aircan adapters...
>ac300, i like for its relatively moderate price...
>and, it seems to be the only cheap pistol driven compressor...
>however, it lacks regulators or moist trap... or auto shut off...

Another factor you should take into consideration is noise. Some
compressors are so bad you literally have to screw them on a table or
flat surface, or it will shake and rattle and even start moving around
by itself while powered on. If you paint your kits in the wee hours, it
can really piss off people who live downstairs even if you live alone.

>now what d'ya think?
>all's i need is to figure out which gunze sangyo paints i need for my
>i mean, i went to legends toys and hobbies, and under gunze sangyo, there
>seems to be many different kinds of paints...
>there are mr. metal color, aqueous hobby color, mr. color hobby acrylic
>i thought gunze sangyo manufactures gundam specific paints... which are

Go around the rack so you are facing the cashier, you will see them next to
the Evangelion colors in box sets.

>and will it be usable with the aztek airbrush?

I don't see why not... just make sure you don't mix paint from different
brands, it can majorly mess up your air brush as my friend found out the
hard way. Luckily he had plenty of thinner lying around.


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