godfatherK (godfatherK@we.mediaone.net)
Wed, 27 Oct 1999 03:27:10 -0700

> I am getting the Special ann. coated Zeta and I was worried if the
>coating made the parts thicker and thus the parts are harder to move
>(stiffer joints and such tighter fit) which would lead to scraping off of
>the coating evantually. Or am I just being paranoid. Ok in another way to
>say it: do all the parts move smoothly despite the added thickness from
>the coating?

i've only complete the head and the arms so far...
but, the parts do NOT appear any thicker than the regular injection
parts... not at all

the only scrapping that's occured so far is from cutting the parts off
the trees... as it is with non-coated parts just as well... so be careful
with those xacto knives...

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