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> As for shounen/shoujo, G Gundam also has it's fair share of these elements.
All in all, it's like a shounen-mecha
>show, since the martial arts and "guys rulz" stuff prcatically dominate the
series. And then we have the
>bishonen George, Nobel Gundam, and Domon-Rain romantic
>story to represent shoujo. GW's not at all shoujo if
>you ask me. What makes it seem shoujo is the 1)character
>designs, and 2) most of it's fans are shoujo-yaoi fans.
>Aside from these, I don't really see anything shojo about
>the story at all. It's just a series with a complex political issues, bishounen,
cute girls, and fancy
>hero-mecha designs. That's how I see it.
>Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

well, I see the female characters as kinda like a shojo sentai team unto themselves,
even though they are technically support for the GW kids...
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