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>People, these are mass produced kits, not resin kits produced in limited
>quantities or expensive chogokin toys that screams "keep me in the box
>for investment purposes!" Don't feel sorry for them if they got thrown
>against the wall and fall apart by some snot-nosed 5-year-olds.

Aye, it's just the possible backlash I'm worried wouldn't be good
if bandai suffers a setback...that would mean less kits...

>BTW, the kits sold at TRU are shrinkwrapped by Bandai America. They slapped

>2 stickers on the shrinkwrap to cover up the Japanese UPC and kit name and

>replaced them with American ones. When you get rid of the shrinkwrap, it
>is identical to the Japanese original except you get a full-color catalog
>and a junkmail "Business Reply" card in the box, oh yeah and a leaflet of
>pathetic excuse of "English instruction" which was a virtual copy of the
>original assembly diagrams in B&W with all Japanese text removed.

Sounds like what they did with the Hong Kong Special Edition here in the Philipines.
 They just slapped a white piece of paper saying Special Philippines limited
edition on top of the Hong kong part....
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