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>Now my opinion for having them sell them at Toy R Us, I am absolutely
>for this idea. I would love to buy these models at a reasonable price,
>though I have to admit the import shops are getting pretty good at
>pricing. I have no problem with having a wider audience exposed to
>Gundam Wing, and I don't mind people thinking that Gundam models are
>toys. It happens all the time whem people see my collection of anime,
>and miniatures gaming stuff. My only concern is that Toys R Us should
>shrink wrap those bandai boxes. God know kids will be tampering with
>them and screwing things up for everyone. I can already imagine buying a
>kit there and getting home and it's got missing parts or manuals.

Actually, I don't mind that these kits will be sold at stores, but I just wish
that the stores will make it clear that they are kit/toys, not just toys per
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