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Perhaps you could explain for me what it is about Zeta charas that strikes you as shoujo-ish? I can't simply be that the male characters are designed to look attractive (to girls). Central characters are usually meant to look appealing to the audiance. I can't comment on Orange Road as a comparison--I've only seen about two tv eps and none of the manga. But as far as early to mid 80's mecha anime goes (Voltron, Macross, Megazone 23, Aura Battler Dunbine, Go Shogun, or Bismark), I've never gotten the sense of those shows having more than a token appeal to girls. Of course this could just come down to having an American pov. As a woman watching ZG, of course of love Char ^_^, but the fact of having so many female pilots is what would get my attention--assuming I was familiar with anime's tradition of femme warriors.

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>I personally see Shoujo and Shounen styles in a different way I suppose.
>Here's a good example. The later Manga books of Kimagure Orange Road
>(around 15 I think) is definately Shoujo in style, different from the
>earlier books. Since having Shoujo styles in anime as we know it back in
>the mid 80's is less noticeable than It is now, I think Zeta is a prime
>example of that. Notice that while many Shoujo styles have what you call
>"girly-eyed-measles", not all do, like Vampire Princess Miyu :)
>...which reminds me. who the hell added the word Princess into the US
>version of Miyu? It should be translated as just Vampire Miyu...
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