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Edward Ju wrote:
> Is this one of those pen-based translation gadget?

it translates Japanese Web sites in to english
*very* roughly (as Tomonaga has pointed out). You
can d/l a 30 day trial from The annoying thing is
it translates Gundam into 'cancer dam'
Unfortunately the trial period has expired on
three of my computers, and I really can't afford
to change the system clock on them to 'unexpire
them'. Fortunately I have an old i486 which I can
still use to translate stuff, but it doesn't have
a mon :( there's still a bit of juggling, but I
get there in the end.
> Thanks for the wealth of info! Do you happen to have
> CCA NewType 100% Collection or Dengeki's Gundam
> Encyclopedia - CCA edition for comparing notes?

nope, I only have MS Encyclopaedia 98, ZG
Mechanical Editions 1 and 2 (first printings), and
Gundam Illustration World. I will buy an ReGZ
kit, as I have said before I am sure there is more
information in there.
        My renewed interest in Gundam has really only
been in the past 18 months, previously was buzz
time was at the time of F91, and previous to that
was when ZG was announced. Never did care too
much for Gundam, to be honest I am not particular
interested in the giant robot genre. More into
stuff like City Hunter and Ranma.
> I thought the text meant to say that the Zeta Gundam
> had a weak hull/frame, thus A.E. got rid of the
> transformation mechanism to strengthen it for the ReGZ.

well that was my interpretation, The reason I
wrote that the ReGZ had a weaker frame was because
the translation came out as the Back Weapons
System negated the weakness in the frame, so I
thought the ReGZ frame was weaker, But I have been
shown to be wrong >_<.
> That much I figured, but apparently the ReGZ version
> of G-Defensor does not require a pilot it seems.

True, and something I did not think of
> >5) it's official, there was only *one* ReGZ
> Doesn't stop B-Club from making custom variants, which
> was advertised to be fully transformable...

That's part of the CCA MSV

Isn't it strange, answers to ReGZ misconceptions
were just staring me right in the face for 18
months >_<

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                  Michael Ip

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