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I personally see Shoujo and Shounen styles in a different way I suppose.
Here's a good example. The later Manga books of Kimagure Orange Road
(around 15 I think) is definately Shoujo in style, different from the
earlier books. Since having Shoujo styles in anime as we know it back in
the mid 80's is less noticeable than It is now, I think Zeta is a prime
example of that. Notice that while many Shoujo styles have what you call
"girly-eyed-measles", not all do, like Vampire Princess Miyu :)
...which reminds me. who the hell added the word Princess into the US
version of Miyu? It should be translated as just Vampire Miyu...

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> When I see a gundam series that has chara designs a la Sailor Moon,
that'll be shoujo. None of Yoshikazu's designs sport "girly-eyed-measles"
^_^ and they look a little more soft and rounded/3D than shoujo stuff I've
seen, which usually strick me as angular and flat. Kitazumi's work (ZZ,
CCA) always remind me of Yoshikazu's redone to look more glossy, flashy and
flat/2D--which in the case of some characters, they were.
> And after collecting some of Yoshikazu's manga, it safe to say his work is
stongly boy-oriented.
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> >I personally think the char designs are decided more shoujo than, lets
> >Gundam ZZ
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