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Tue, 26 Oct 1999 16:36:47 -0700

>If you go to Toys R Us to buy a model that's fine. You'll know where to find
>them. But little kids (no offense to little kids but these are the same guys
>who have gone nuts over Dragon Ball now that it's on Cartoon Network) could
>be seriously disappointed if they bought what they _thought_ was a toy and
>instead saw racks of parts.

The kits are located on the same shelves where you find other model kits,
with the stickers clearly designating them as model kits. Seeing how the
packaging is different from the blister packs used by most action figures,
you'd have to be the kind of moron that puts a cup of boiling hot McDonald's
coffee between your legs to think you're getting a no-assembly required
action figure.

>That's what I'm saying. Especially if they put
>these things on the endcaps of isles. These "troubles" wouldn't apply to
>Revell kits and the like - people KNOW those are models. But with something
>that could possibly be a huge hit in the US people are going to want toys -
>minimal assembly required.

Enter third party licensees, who make crap action figures like the Dragon
Ball ones you've seen here...

>and to who ever said "Samurai Import Hobby Store" - They could sell them in
>DOMESTIC hobby stores, is what I meant. I can think of at least three in the
>local area here that do sell some imported kits but a way of getting
>domestic releases would be great. All of them are closer than my nearest
>"local import store."
>Matt "chicks are cool" Hanyok

If these hobby stores are what I think they are, having Gundam Wing on
Cartoon Network and having domestic distribution for these kits won't
change their attitude. These kits aren't miniatures of WWII crafts or
anything from real life, if they wouldn't carry it as imports, having the
kits being distributed domestically doesn't make things any different to
them. They'll just go "Man, our customers want the Nazi panzers, no one
wants these prime-colored toys from a cartoon show." After all, you don't
see these all-serious stores rushing to carry Pokemon items, regardless of
how much money it can make for them.


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