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> say...
> are gundam markers the ONLY thing i will need to do a good looking paint
> job on the gundam models...

in a word, no. I'm a lazy person so I haven't bothered with much in the way
of an airbrush or similar tools. My first few kits I did before I knew of
these wonderful little "markers" and I'll admit (although this may sound a
bit egotistical) - My first two MG kits (GP-01Fb and GP-02) look way better
than I ever thought I could make a model look.

The gundam markers are great tools, and they can be used quite well as the
only ones you have. A few of my more recent kits I used Gundam Markers only,
with the aid of a butterfly knife and an xacto knife to do the details and I
also think they came out rather well. That said, Gundam Marker #1 really IS
a marker, so for the panel lines I painted over them with number 10 (black
paint) and then scratched over the surface with a knife, for a permanent

> i really want to do a handsome paint job on the gundam models...
> like the way they look in the bandai catalogues...

One of the things I noticed with my GM is that after all the painting with
the markers, and the scratching, and the handling of different parts, is
that some of the paint rubbed off of parts when I scratched them and then
off my fingers and onto armor pieces or whatever I was holding at the time.
It did give the kits an unintentional "finished" look to them and is a
pretty unique look, but for catalogue quality stuff you'll need more than
the markers.

> or are gundam markers only complementary tools to airbrush?

They're useful accessories. Personally I don't think you could beat some
good old-fashioned paint and different sized paintbrushes, but the markers
made it easier for me. Honestly, and this is a big confession here, I've
never used or seen an airbrush in my life and I have no idea what they do. I
do, however, know that they're for people a bit more serious about their
painting, and I just want some nice-looking models in my room, not
showpieces. ;-)

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