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> So? Toys R Us sells model kits too, not to mention umbrella, soft drink,
> ice cream... are these toys?

er, perhaps I should have clarified myself. See below.

> What kind of trouble? Should Revell and other brands pull out their model
> kits from Toys R Us because of the alleged troubles?
> Eddie

If you go to Toys R Us to buy a model that's fine. You'll know where to find
them. But little kids (no offense to little kids but these are the same guys
who have gone nuts over Dragon Ball now that it's on Cartoon Network) could
be seriously disappointed if they bought what they _thought_ was a toy and
instead saw racks of parts. That's what I'm saying. Especially if they put
these things on the endcaps of isles. These "troubles" wouldn't apply to
Revell kits and the like - people KNOW those are models. But with something
that could possibly be a huge hit in the US people are going to want toys -
minimal assembly required.

and to who ever said "Samurai Import Hobby Store" - They could sell them in
DOMESTIC hobby stores, is what I meant. I can think of at least three in the
local area here that do sell some imported kits but a way of getting
domestic releases would be great. All of them are closer than my nearest
"local import store."

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