Mark Kuettner (
Tue, 26 Oct 1999 14:51:19 PDT

>what's the difference between bandai's "injection" kits and b-club's
>"resin" kits?

Well, someone probably beat me to this, but just in case:

B-club's kits are made of a solid resin, as opposed to the hollow
injection kits. Some of the B-Club kits (especially the older ones)
are fixed posed, which means they do not have articulation at all.
B-clubs kits need to be drilled to make holes for b-joints and p-caps;
they are not snap together kits like injection, and the need to be
painted as they DO NOT come colored. Only acrylic paint will work on
the b-club kits. I strongly suggest making injection kits before you
try making a b-club kit.

Mark Kai

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