Mark Kuettner (
Tue, 26 Oct 1999 14:04:03 PDT

> > Sorry to post an eBay plug to the ML, but sometime ago someone asked me
> > about the Javelin. I have one on eBay now if this is what you've been
> > looking for:
> >
> >
>no offense intended eddie, and I think someone already asked, but why did
>you list it as "rare"? HLJ's selling them for Y500 -

Eddie is right when it comes to the Javelin. The V 1/144 kits, to my
knowledge, have never been reissued, like a lot of the Gundam kits
are these days. They were originally released in 1993, and are vary
hard to find in any hobby shops I have been in. Definitely the hardest
to find kits, with Sentinel in at second. And I do remember hearing
a fellow who ordered V kits from HLJ saying he was on backorder a
LONG time....

Mark Kai

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