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Tue, 26 Oct 1999 13:04:51 -0700

>Gunze Sangyo, now a subsidiary of the Bandai conglomerate, sells paint
>and "Gundam Markers" with the right colors for Gundam models so you don't
>have to mix your own colors like with Tamiya or other brands. Their
>Gundam Makers come in two varieties - the thin ones are for panel line
>detailing, and the thicker ones are for painting over a wider surface.
>Both are substitutes for brush and paint.

are gundam markers the ONLY thing i will need to do a good looking paint
job on the gundam models...

i really want to do a handsome paint job on the gundam models...
like the way they look in the bandai catalogues...

or are gundam markers only complementary tools to airbrush?

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