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Richie Ramos wrote:
> >While I think bringing Gundam models to the US is a good idea, I wish they
> wouldn't put them in Toy Stores like Toys R Us. Sure, when the kids start
> watching the show on Cartoon Network the first place they'll think to look
> for toys is Toys R Us, but these aren't toys! They're models! I mean, if
> they were going to release toys here, like the chogokin bots or whatever,
> those could go in a toy store but the models should be in hobby shops. I
> just think putting them in toy stores is asking for trouble.
> That's correct, it really does become a problem when viewed in that
> least G gundam had those action figures. IN Gundam WIng,
> all they had was that 1/60th Wing Toy...I think.

You know with all this business with the toys/models debate, I'm just
going to have to put in my 2 cents. I think especially with Gundam Wing
1/144 models you can go either way with them. And I believe that is
Bandai's intent. You can build them, glue em if you want, prime, paint,
detail and there you'll have a fantastic model showpiece. But then
again, you can just snap em together(they're designed that way), and
just play with em. They are even (mostly) in the correct colors (again
they are designed that way) These of course are the extreme ends and you
can build em anywhere between those. These are some of the most
versatile kits made. And as for the suitability of playing with them,
The Gundam Wing EW kits have some of the tightest polycap joints I have
ever seen, making them perfect for playing with.

Now my opinion for having them sell them at Toy R Us, I am absolutely
for this idea. I would love to buy these models at a reasonable price,
though I have to admit the import shops are getting pretty good at
pricing. I have no problem with having a wider audience exposed to
Gundam Wing, and I don't mind people thinking that Gundam models are
toys. It happens all the time whem people see my collection of anime,
and miniatures gaming stuff. My only concern is that Toys R Us should
shrink wrap those bandai boxes. God know kids will be tampering with
them and screwing things up for everyone. I can already imagine buying a
kit there and getting home and it's got missing parts or manuals.


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