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>> but it should also be noted that one has to appreciate stuff
>>like Gundam Wing for the innovations it brought in, like using the sentai
>>five man idea, or the use of SuperRobot-like designs in Gundam (of course,
>>I still find the WG0C weird).
> Um... wasn't it G Gundam that brought in the "sentai"
>theme in Gundam? Ironically, the five main characters of
>GW don't show as much unity as the new Shuffle Alliance
>in GG. Besides, GG came first, and some of it's aspects
>appear "re-developed" in GW.
>Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

My're right on that one...but I feel that GW was the one
that made it spectacularly so sentai...and shounen/shoujo at the same

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