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>That's actually the reason why many female fans liked Zeta Gundam as well,
>if I recall correctly. Shoujo designs attract shoujos :)
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>> hey, doesn't every male here hate Gundam W yaoi fics?? I absolutely hate
>> The sites sre runned by girls, and the only Gundam saga liked by girls is
>> Gundam Wing because of the 5 main pilots. That is the best reason why
>> like only GW (no offense to the girl fans who like the others). I want to
>> more web sites of other Gundam stories and sagas. About 80% of Gundam
>> are GW.

 Yeah... that's kinda true. In fact, most GW fans aren't
even Gundam fans at all! Anyway, it comes to me as a wonder as to why the Nobel Gundam doesn't seem to get too popular with the shojo fans...

Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

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