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Tue, 26 Oct 1999 07:52:19 -0700 (PDT)

--- Master Asia <> wrote:
> Oh... So you were the guy bashing X and G last time,
> Garrick....

heeeh? what are you talking about?

i NEVER said anything about gundam x. not once, not
ever. look back on the archives, you won't find me
saying a peep on gundam x. why? because i've never
even watched gundam x. i don't make a habit of
commenting on things i've never watched. you're
definitely confusing me with other people. don't nail
me for something i didn't do. grr...

as for g gundam, i only hacked on the mech designs. i
pretty much liked the story, overall. there was a bit
of an issue about racial prejudices based on the mech
designs the last time around, but that was definitely
not a "g gundam suckz coz itz so sucky" slam on g
gundam. nor was it on par with your hacking g wing
because of nudie fan-girl shrines. :P

> There were a lot of funny things in G and lots of
> ridiculous MS's but in my
> mind the 3 Alternate universes were made to give
> OTHER writers and stuff to
> add to a slowly aging series, not to mention the UC
> thing was almost totally
> done with.
> Remember the Mermaid gundam? hehe!

ah, you got that right. don't forget the crab gundams
and the shrimp gundams they had to cram the screen
with along with the mermaid gundam. :P

> But in my case I was just simply commenting unlike
> The first time(re:X an ZZ
> the Worst??). But you guys were bashing no, Raping
> X, you made it sound like
> the worst thing that could ever be thought up, but
> in actuality just bad
> directing.

master asia, i did NOT say anything about gundam x.

and while i'm at it, i also did not say anything about
turn a gundam: the show. i only said that i found the
turn a gundam (the mech) to be ugly -- and that's a
matter of aesthetic tastes which is a pretty trivial

there's a fine line between commenting/hacking/lauding
the show per se, and the mechs. especially
considering that this particular genre, this
particular saga, is heavy into merchandise, that the
merchandise takes on a separate entity altogether.

now, can we move along, you crotchety old gundam
fighter you? (j/k)



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