Kaworu Nagisa (17thangel@tokyo-3.com)
Tue, 26 Oct 1999 09:07:00 -0400

>>that is exactly the approach i used (with a touch of
>>heavyarms, heh) about a few months ago (same topic
>>different people. the guy who sprouted the
>>"it's-porn-coz-japanese-like-underwear" logic is a new
>>guy who wasn't around the last time i ranted). i was
>>fairly successful in shutting them up and getting them
>>to admit that the reason why they dislike anime is
>>simply because of the animation style, appearance (big
>>eyes, small mouth), and even storyline and style of
>>storytelling. when i needled them to list all the
>>anime they've watched that they claim to prove anime
>>is sexist porn, they couldn't come up with any.
>>i'm just a bit exasperated to wind up another full
>>blown rant (rearming heavyarms) at my fellow rpg
>>gamers. some of them are too busy staring at
>>chainmail bikinis. :P
>We've been using an RPG game system called Big Eyes, Small Mouth to run our
>epic Gundam/Macross/Evangelion/Escaflowne crossover series (guess which
>world they wrak havoc in?), And it is a nice bit of work to make the
>effects and action rolls more anime like than other systems.
>Anyway, on the idea of anime misconception: yes, there are a lot of people
>out there with mistaken or biased opinions on anime...I basically ask them
>what they've watched, and then tell them what I've seen, and tell them what
>I haven't seen...and then they get the picture of how narrow-minded they
>were. of course, it doesn't work all the time...for people who won't
>listen but are loudly proclaiming their anti-anime views, I simply smile
>and walk away with all those I've converted in the argument. It gets
>pretty funny that way.
>"Magic is the hand of faith..."
>Richard Ramos

 Dear friends, I would just like to say that I stopped
giving a f*****' d*** about those kinds of people and their biased views on things. Fine if they would listen,
but if they'll laugh at me or ignore me after I try introducing them to a better way of spending their time,
then I don't really care. What good will it do us to even
try convincing these people anyway?

 Pardon my rudeness, but I'm a friendless waif who's selfish and had experienced years of torment for being
an anime/tokusatsu fan... please bear with me.

Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

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