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Injection kits are made from plastic. Resin is as a material that is as to
easy to work with as plastic - you can cut it with a Xacto knife.. However,
resin kits require much more skill and work to build. Resin kits are molded
in one color - white for good quality kits while some use a yellower resin.
Building resin kits is much more difficult - you will need to use superglue.
Also, for kits with mobility that use polycaps (such as robots), you
typically have to drill out the holes in the kit where the polycaps need to
be placed and then glue them in.

If you can't glue and can't paint then don't buy resing kits.

Resin kits also have a low production run and are rarely reprinted. If you
see a resin kit you like, grab it! Many of the resin kits listed at HLJ are
actually out of stock, for example.

On the plus side, resing kits are designed by people who care about the
design - and thus the kits are usually much more accurate looking. I'm
building a pair of resin Star Trek kits right now (Enterprise-A and Defiant)
because the regular kits are so horrible.


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> what's the difference between bandai's "injection" kits and b-club's
> "resin" kits?
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