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>>>In America, the popular saying is that the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
>>>In Japan, the popular saying is that the nail that stands up gets hammered
>>>Does that answer your question?
>> Uh... no.
>Suffice it to say that "Japan" and "conformity" have been synonymous for so
>long that it's become a cliche. Even when they try to be nonconformist,
>they do it in a very prescribed fashion, with the nonconformists in a
>nonconformist uniform so that everyone will see that they are
>nonconformists. (^_^);

 Hmm... you got me a little confused there... but what can
you say about Amuro Namie who sorta started a fashion (named after herself) which is now very popular among Japanese girls?

>They will also travel in groups, so as not to be set upon and beaten by all
>the conformists who may take exception to them.

 Still, Amuro Namie isn't a member of a band, is she?

>One of the reasons you see so many non-traditional roles and characters in
>anime is that it's escapist fantasy. People can identify with these
>characters and, to a certain extent, emulate them without being labeled a
>radical. It should be noted that most of these oddball characters are
>aliens, orphans or misfits of one sort or another, whose oddity can be
>explained by their upbringing (or lack of same), allowing them to be
>sympathetic and weird at the same time. But, for the most part, ever
>Japanese schoolkid's worst nightmare is to be an outsider, excluded from
>the rank and file because of some personal idiosyncracy.

 That's a nightmare to them huh? That's exactly the kind of life I have... and for me to think I'd belong there...

>The sad fact is that almost every Japanese schoolkid can identify with one
>of the outsiders, because at one time or another almost everyone gets stuck
>on the outside looking in.

 Hmm... is this a general truth, or is it in a case-to-case basis?

Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

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