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Edmund Chiu wrote:

> You should also explained that Re-GZ doesn't transform because it CANNOT
> "transform" back to MA mode after it is in MS mode unless it went back to
> the carrier, since the BWS is like the beam rifle in the 0079 - you cannot
> recharge unless you recharge on the carrier....
> It was the PROTOTYPE of what was supposed to be a mass production
> version of Zeta. After testing, it was discovered that it was too expensive
> to be mass produced. So the sole prototype was given to Londo Bell (mainly
> to Amuro), hence there's only one.

Well I was wondering where you got some of this
information from, so I decided to flip thru my MS
Encyclopaedia, and there is a little bit written
about the ReGZ which I decided to get Translingo
to translate for what it translates into
(excuse grammatical errors)...if anyone would like
the original Japanese text, email me and I will
send to you.

translation start --
Experimental Mobile Suits which Anaheim company
developed. The name of this machine is an
abbreviation name of "Refinement Gundam Zeta", and
the airframe made for trial purposes for the mass
production of the MSZ-006Z Gundam. Therefore,
Back Weapon System which can do the transformation
mechanism which is excelled, omitted, and is added
and equipped with the module mainly composed of
the transformation has been adopted. As a result,
productivity rose, and the weakness of the
airframe was able to be cancelled. This system is
liked to the concept of FXA-05D. [It] arrived
until the latest technology's being turned on, and
equalling MSZ-006 on the spec. *** [It] thinks and
the performance which not is is demonstrated with
the mass production machine like the movement and
the *long range barrier?* cruise ability and
<length> thermal power, etc. in the MA form
especially. The hoop manufacturing cost was still
expensive (MSZ-006 was higher), the mass
production plan was interrupted, only one
experimental machine was sent to Lar Kairam of the
Londo Bell Corps, and [it] attached to the actual
combat disposition. [It] took the place of the
Lieutenant Kayla/Keira Suu though the pilot was
Captain Aumro Rei.
translation end--

the main points:
1) the ReGZ has a different(weaker)
airframe/fuselage(?) and hence the removal of the
transformation mechanism
2) the Back Weapon System allows a transformation
and also 'strengthens' the airframe
3) Back Weapon System is linked to the G-Defensor
4) cost:perf is improvement on ZG, but still too
expensive for mass production. Note the *long
range barrier* was my guess at translating to
characters since Translingo couldn't do it.
5) it's official, there was only *one* ReGZ

I'm not so sure about your first comment about not
being able to transform back into the MA mode, but
that really bites if it is true. I might have to
get the Bandai ReGZ kit which I am sure will have
more information than the MS Encyclopaedia.

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