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><< (I understand that a minority - it is always a minority
> who seem to have the loudest voice - are trying to ban Harry Potter
> books ATM. I would like to know what would happen if I went along and
> called for a ban on The Wizard of Oz... ) >>
>I just bought the first Harry Potter book and its a great, fun story. I have
>no idea why people are trying to ban them. Guess its because it has a school
>for Witchcraft and Wizardy. Its a very entertaining, fantasy novel.
        Apparently they contain dark themes of death, the occult (of
course... @_@) and revenge. Anyone who has actually read as far as the
last few pages, in particular the scenes where Harry is in the hospital
and gets a visit from Hagrid will know what to say to that. It is one of
the most moving scenes I've read for a while, and its all about love.
        The most surprisingly thing about the book was that there is a
clear distinction between good and evil characters - the good guys and
the bad guys are all pretty much that, good or evil. In an age when
we're always being told to view everything in shades of grey, it seems a
bit old fashioned at first. However, at the age range these books are
aimed at, thats what the world is divided into - goodies and baddies.
Its later you learn that things are, unfortunately, not that simple...
        I don't actually mind, again, whether people like or hate the
books, but I can't help feel that there are much more worthy causes that
these protesters could be pursuing. I will be very, very surprised if
one death or criminal or "occult" activity is attributed to these books,
compared to how many deaths will occur from many other ills of society
while people are stood around with banners outside bookshops.
        And I did also see the queues around the block for the signings.
Says it all, really. ^_^

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