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Tue, 26 Oct 1999 02:22:16 -0700

> Well, the Zaku FZ really has no place in Gundam continuity. After the
>Dom and Rick Dom showed up, the Zeons stopped manufacturing Zakus
>altogether; the notion that they'd go back, redesign the Zaku from the
>ground up, and switch their assembly lines _back_ to making Zakus again
>is pretty ludicrous. Really, the FZ is just what the regular Zaku looks
>like in the 0080 videos; claiming that it's actually a variant in its own
>right is a polite fiction to excuse the artistic license. ;-)
>-- Mark
This is exactly how I've felt as well.

Am I correct in that 0080 was the first non-tomino series? And the first
revist to the one year war. Those responsible decide to replace the simple
1979 drawings style of the original with realistic designs. So they felt
the FZ was what a Zaku SHOULD look like and to just ignore the old design.
And if you look at gundam comics from that time you won't see any original
'79 designs. So the switch seemed to have worked for awhile.

This scenario is just like the Klingons in Star Trek. In the original
series they are just guys with face paint and fake beards, then when the
movies are made they get redone "right" and those old klingons are swept
under the carpet.


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