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Eiji writes,

>Wo ho! Mark speaks! I havn't seen you here in ages.

  I tend to rejoin when people get round to talking about Gundam again,
and bail out when the negativity and bitchiness gets to be too much. ;-)

>the feddies seem to
>have a fetish with Zion MS after the war, they converted numerous for their
>own use.. eg: Flying type Gufu, Gelbaldy Beta, Gelgoog Marine (in 0083),
>Zaku Mariner, Zaku II Fs

  These seem to break down into two categories - captured enemy units
(the Zakus and Gelgoogs seen in 0083, the various MSVs that defend Jaburo
in Z Gundam) and Zeon designs that the Federation actually produces on
its own assembly lines. The latter tend to get new model numbers to
reflect their Federation-produced status, e.g. the RMS-117 Galbaldy Beta
and the RMS-192M Zaku Mariner, both of which were redesigned for Federal
Forces use. Presumably these went out of production when the Federation's
own mobile suit technology caught up.

  Which still doesn't explain the Hizack, which is inferior specs-wise to
the GM II...

>(though why they didn't convert the vastly more powerful FZ version is weird)

  Well, the Zaku FZ really has no place in Gundam continuity. After the
Dom and Rick Dom showed up, the Zeons stopped manufacturing Zakus
altogether; the notion that they'd go back, redesign the Zaku from the
ground up, and switch their assembly lines _back_ to making Zakus again
is pretty ludicrous. Really, the FZ is just what the regular Zaku looks
like in the 0080 videos; claiming that it's actually a variant in its own
right is a polite fiction to excuse the artistic license. ;-)

>even then.. I don't think the Ksi and the Penelope were that small. I
>remember them being quite big, and heavy..

  Yep, they're pretty huge... they probably represent the peak of the
big-mobile-suit trend, before the downsizing fad kicked in.

>and the Psycho Gundam Mk 2 I
>think still holds the record for the heaviest MS of all time.. at something
>like 280 tons!

  Well, the Psyco Gundam Mk. I is 380-odd tons. But these are officially
mobile armors. The Quin Mantha, at 39.2 meters and 264.7 tons, is the
biggest mobile suit. The Zeong (231.9 tons) is number 2, and the Zock
(229.0 tons) is in third place. Then come the S Gundam Booster Unit
Version, the Juagg, the Agguguy, the Ex-S Gundam, and so forth...

-- Mark

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