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>After confirming with the Mecha Domain, the ReGZ does not transform. It
>was designed as a mass production version of the Zeta Gundam and in order
>to reduce the cost of the ReGZ the transformation equipment was left out.
> But as I stated before it does have the Wave Rider armor unit that can be
>added to the ReGZ.

"Wave Rider" refers specifically to the aerodynamic form of the Zeta-series
MS. In Gundam Sentinel parlance, it's the Variable Mobile Suit and Wave
Rider System (VMSAWRS).

An auxiliary mecha used by an MS for transatmospheric flight is called a
Flying Armor. Unlike the ballute re-entry attachment, a Flying Armor
allows the MS it's carrying to conduct combat operations.

Camille used the Gundam Mk.II with a Flying Armor to participate in the
Battle of Jaburu because the Zeta wasn't finished yet.

The Flying Armor is a development of an earlier technique called the
Sub-Flight System (SFS), in which an aircraft (originally the Dodai bomber)
is used as a flying platform by a non-flight capable MS (originally the
Gouf). SFS type craft are used throughout the UC timeline, the last being
the CS-H926 Setter in V Gundam. Unless, of course, an SFS has turned up in
Turn-A Gundam and I just haven't heard about it yet....

The Sub-Flight System should not be confused (as it has in the past) with
the Sub-Flight Unit (SFU), which is an auxiliary component, like the Zeta's
shield, that merges with the MS when in transforms into another mode.
(Want to stop the Zeta from re-entering? Blow off it's shield and it won't
have a nosecone for the Wave Rider!)


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