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1) Re-GZ does not transform
true, *however*, it does have what is called a
'Back Weapon System' which allows a
pseudo-tranformation similar to the G-defensor
unit for RX-178. The used to be a pic with the
'Back Weapon System' on HLJ, but now it's gone :(
The 'transformation' (illustrated in p151 MS
Encyclopaedia 98) is pretty boring stuff really,
and looks similar to the transformed Methus (p125
MS Encyclopaedia 98) and the ZGII (p132 MS
Encyclopaedia 98). I consider this to be the
ultimate evolution of the Wave Rider.

2) Re-GZ is mass produced version of ZG
false as far as I know. I only saw one or two
Re-GZ in CCA, never more than two in the same
screen or in the same battle scene for that
matter. I think the notion that Re-GZ is a mass
produced MS comes from Animag when they reviewed

3) There is a Re-GZ-a and Re-GZ-b
I was about to flame this, however I am proven
wrong >_< There is no Re-GZ-a, but there is a
Re-GZ-b, or known as RGZ-91B (Re Gazui Custom )
which is a CCA MSV (p34 MS Encyclopaedia 98). HLJ
has photo of it
and it can transform and the WR mode is also
similar in appearance to the Methus, ZGII and of
course the pseudo-WR of Re-GZ with Back weapon

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