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> Hi, does anyone of you own a lot of gundam model kits? I own 93 model
> 89 being gundam). I can't wait for 1/144 Hyaku-Shiki! Btw.... I personally
> don't like the fact Gundam W kits in Toy's r us! if you were a true gundam
> fan, you would get it from an importing store for the actuall JAPANESE model
> kit!(thanks to mostly Legends Toys&Hobbies)
> RobotAL (Monster Gundam)

I just did a quick count and came up with 35 kits. 1 of which is a Macross 7 VF-19kai toy that I disassembled and gave a custom paint job (that's why I consider it a model). 4 are Tekkaman Models, 2 are Patlabor models, 5 Macross kits, 4 Genesis Climber kits, and the remaining 19 are Gundams of some kind. I think that's all of 'em. There's actually about 10 more I want to order... a couple of 1/100 HG kits and a few more MGs. 23 of them are assembled.

While I think bringing Gundam models to the US is a good idea, I wish they wouldn't put them in Toy Stores like Toys R Us. Sure, when the kids start watching the show on Cartoon Network the first place they'll think to look for toys is Toys R Us, but these aren't toys! They're models! I mean, if they were going to release toys here, like the chogokin bots or whatever, those could go in a toy store but the models should be in hobby shops. I just think putting them in toy stores is asking for trouble.

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