Chris Beilby (
Tue, 26 Oct 1999 00:49:34 GMT

>hey, doesn't every male here hate Gundam W yaoi fics?? I absolutely hate
>The sites sre runned by girls, and the only Gundam saga liked by girls is
>Gundam Wing because of the 5 main pilots. That is the best reason why girls
>like only GW (no offense to the girl fans who like the others). I want to
>more web sites of other Gundam stories and sagas. About 80% of Gundam sites
>are GW.
This topic came up some months ago and led to nothing more than a flame war,
so we generally try to avoid it... My take on things is that while I,
personally don't like Yaoi fanfic, it has a right to exist, and that it is
you, as the reader, who chooses whether to validate it by reading it or even
discussing it.

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