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> Talking about this, since IIRC the GP04O keeps the I-field up all
>the time, how does it fire it's beam cannon? Or is that the reason why the
>barrel is so long -- to extend beyond the field itself?

That's possible. I would also take into account the phasing system...

>>Hmmm..perhaps that part of the shield used pretty tough metal...
> Considering what a beam rifle shot can do to a captial ship, I
>somehow doubt that.. or maybe the I-field generator shaping the beam shield
>protect it from beam weapons?
> I should check this up, but here's a wild-ass theory: The beam
>shield uses I-fields to contain and shape the beam energy, right? So the
>I-field deflects the beams, while the beam energy detonates and melts the
>projectiles and missiles. This still won't solve the kinetic energy problem

Reasonable theory! I like it. If you combine i-field with tough alloy and
a small area to hit, it may be the reason why people don't go for it

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